Current Mystery Painting


From time to time, we come across works that lack clear attribution and our best efforts fail to establish authorship. We call these our Mystery Paintings. Not all orphan works are masterpieces, although many lost masterpieces do wander the world awaiting recognition. There are also many respectable lesser works that deserve to be accurately attributed.


Below are two of our current challenges which, we believe, are by the same hand. Perhaps you recognize the style. Perhaps you recognize a location. Click through to see higher resolution images. We will happily pay a reward of $500 to the first person to identify the artist.



(American School, circa 1920)

Oil on Canvas

20 x 24 Inches


We found this painting, with several others by the same hand, in a portfolio of unstretched works. They are all unsigned and there was no information on the tightly-woven linen-canvases. They have now been mounted on new stretchers. It is worth noting the curved wooden shutters on the upper story of the main house. These do not fit the rectangular window openings and can, therefore, only have been used for shade. This suggests both a temperate climate and a period of civil stability.


Scroll down for the second painting of the dock-workers. This appears to show a Northern California coastal town in the distance, possibly Oakland or San Francisco.



Oil on Canvas

20 x 14 Inches

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