(Danish, 1925-2003)

still life with fruit and flowers

Oil on Canvas, Laid Down on Board

13½ x 16¼ Inches

Signed Lower Left, "Ib Eisner"

Dated, Lower Right, 1953


Winner of the 1948 Wilstrup Scholarship, Ib Eisner first studied at the Copenhagen Academy of Arts under Kræsten Iversen and Axel Jørgensen. He later continued his studies in Paris and London and became known both for his elegantly powerful still-lives and for his dynamic figural works, often painted against the background of Copenhagen's Tivoli Gardens.


Eisner worked mostly in picture series to more fully explore nuanced changes of lighting moods and seasons. French Impressionist thematic and compositional techniques are noticeable, not only in his preferred method of plein-air painting, which the artist applied in all weather conditions, but also in the treatment and application of color. Eisner applied pure, mostly unmixed, colors next to each other in quick brushstrokes, creating a vibrant structure of bright tones. He painted mostly without fixed contour lines or preparatory drawings, since the necessary capturing of the desired, elusive light effects required a consistently rapid and intuitive application of pigment.


Over the course of a long career, Eisner exhibited both domestically and internationally with success, including in Japan, France, Germany and England where he was the recipient of numerous medals, prizes and juried awards. We are pleased to offer an exceptional work from Eisner's early period, painted when the artist was twenty-eight years old.


Displayed in a period, carved gilt-wood frame.

Framed dimensions: 19 x 21½ x 1½ inches.



KE 1945, 1947, 1949, 1953-54; Kilen 1946-53; Från Chagall till Jeppe Eisner, Landskrona Konsthall 1976; Udkast til frimærker, Møstings Hus 1983; Møstings Hus, tre gange i alt, senest 1991; 3 x Eisner, Bellavista, Vordingborg 1993. Kbh. 1952; Den frie Unstellung. 1957, 1959, 1962, 1964, 1966; Henning Larsen, 1978; Brondsalen, Freiberg 1978-91; London 1989-90; Tokio 1989; Gal. Palmer, Kbh. 1993.







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