(Danish, 1903-1981)


Oil on Canvas

 26½ x 33½ Inches

Signed Lower Left "Ejnar R. Kragh"


A substantial and period oil landscape showing a fruit-tree in blossom in the foreground and fields receding towards rolling hills beneath sunlit turquoise and lavender clouds. After working for years as a silversmith, Kragh turned his talents towards painting in the mid 1920s. Trips to France fueled his passion for landscapes and his love of the Post-Impressionists, although his abiding inspiration came from the Danish towns and beaches that he loved, particularly the small fishing village of Gudhjem. Kragh depicted the warmth and optimism of these places with an expressionistic use of color and light, a style exemplified in this elegant and light-suffused landscape. Ejnar Kragh's work has been exhibited widely and with success in Denmark and throughout Europe including in Paris (1925) and at Copenhagen's Charlottenborg Palace (1939).







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