(Danish, 1921-2009)

still life with coffee grinder

Oil on Canvas

36¼ x 25½ Inches

Signed Lower Left, "Mogens Magnussen" and Dated 1959


Mogens Magnussen first studied at Copenhagen's Royal Academy (1941-51) where he was the recipient of three scholarships (1951, 1952, 1953) and was awarded both Gold and Silver Medals. He then studied with the Danish Post-Impressionist, Kraesten Iversen and, later, with Elof Risebye at the Fresco School. In the early 1950's, he assisted Jais Nielsen with the decoration of the Town Hall in Fredericksburg where he furthered his knowledge of fresco techniques. Magnussen traveled and painted widely including to Norway (1946, 1952), Sweden (1948), Holland (1947) and Italy (1950-1953) where he became increasingly familiar with the techniques of the Old Masters. He also painted and exhibited in France (1948- 49, 1951-52, 1958) where he met and married his wife, the artist Dominique Bonnard Magnussen. Over the course of a long and successful career, Magnussen exhibited widely including at Copenhagen's Autumn Exhibition and at both the Charlottenborg Spring and Autumn exhibitions, of which he became, first, a jury-member and, eventually, Chairman. Magnussen was also the recipient of several scholarships and awards including the Iversen Memorial Scholarship (1946) and the Henry Heerup Legacy Award (1992). He also received prestigious government commissions for installations in significant public buildings including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1976, 1979, 1981). We are pleased to offer this elegant, calligraphic still-life, painted when the artist was thirty-eight years old.







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