(Danish, 1903-1971)

Mediterranean Orange Grove

Oil on Canvas

21¼ x 25¾ Inches

Signed Lower Left, "V. Rorup" and Dated 1967


A substantial, Post-Impressionist oil landscape showing a view of the Mediterranean with an orange tree and blossoming apple trees in the foreground, framing a view across cultivated fields towards the azure ocean beneath a clouded lilac and ivory sky. A charming and robust work that exemplifies the artist's characteristically lyrical and painterly brushwork, elegantly expressing it here in a gentle palette of moss, teal, lavender and soft pastels.


Viggo Rorup was still a student at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts when he made his 1928 debut at the Free Exhibition at the Charlottenborg Palace. Following his graduation in 1930, he moved to Odsherred, where he continued his studies under Karl Bovin. Together, they formed the foundation of the avante-garde group of Modernists, The Corner, that first introduced the principles of Modernism to Danish painting. Rorup traveled widely, including to Italy, Austria, Spain, and most importantly to France, where his studies of the Impressionists and the Post-Impressionists had a great stylistic impact on his later work. His palette grew brighter, and his earlier defined contours were subsumed into the nuances of light. We are pleased to offer a dazzling work from the artist's late period, that exemplifies these later qualities of his mature work, harmoniously capturing the warmth and color of a southern summer landscape.



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