Carlos Paez Vilaro

(Uruguayan, 1923-2014)


Gouache on Paper

Certification of Authenticity Stamped Verso

Dedicated Verso on Old Backing, 'To Arlene',

Additionally Signed and Dated 1984 with Inscription, 'Casapueblo'


This well-listed, Uruguayan painter, muralist, graphic artist, ceramicist, writer and musician first studied art in Montevideo before moving to Buenos Aires to apprentice as a print maker in the Barracas. In 1956, he was invited to exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris and subsequently exhibited with success throughout the world. Over the course of a long career, he was also the recipient of numerous prizes, medals and juried awards. Paez Vilaro was one of the "Grupo de los 8", a movement of Uruguayan artists formed in 1958 to promote the new movements in painting. In 1960, they were invited to join the international exhibition at the Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art (of which he was creator and first director) with artists such as Willem De Kooning, Roger Hilton and Lucio Fontana.


A prolific muralist, Paez Vilara created murals and sculptures for various government offices, corporate headquarters and other buildings. In addition to 30 in his native Uruguay, he created 12 murals in Argentina, 16 in Brazil, 4 in Chad, 3 in Chile, 4 in Gabon and 11 in the United States, as well as a substantial body of public works elsewhere in Africa and in the Polynesian Islands.


Displayed in an hand-rubbed, burl walnut frame.

Framed dimensions: 12½ x 13 inches



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