(American, 1907-1979)


Oil on Canvas laid down on Artist Board

15 x 20 Inches

Signed Lower Left, "Fritz Willis"


A delicately modeled example of the work of this notable American illustrator showing a suitably sultry 'sex-kitten', wearing a fur stole, silk stockings and a 'come-hither' expression, with a white-gloved forefinger pointing provocatively to her lower lip and her pinkie extended.


Although Fritz Willis published his first pinup as early as 1946, his iconography is more representative of the end of the era of pinups. His models often have more of an introspective maturity; more wanton and confident than Elvgren or Petty's coy and girlish pinups with their toothy grins. He created numerous advertisements for national, front-line products including Pepsi, Max Factor and Sunkist. Willis also illustrated stories for Esquire and the Saturday Evening Post and created covers for all Ice Follies programs from 1952-1969. A successful author himself, he wrote instruction books for Walter Foster and also wrote and illustrated a number of children's books. His prolific, 15-year history with Artists Sketchbook and his regular contributions to annual calendars for Brown & Bigelow combine to make him one of the last great figures of the classical pin-up era.







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