(Danish, 1911-2006)


Oil on Canvas

30 x 11 Inches

Signed Lower Right "Lasse Winslow"

Dated Lower Left


This listed painter and graphic artist first studied at Viborg Cathedral School and subsequently at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, where he studied under Kraesten Iversen and Sigurd Wandel (1933-1938). From 1938-41 he attended the art school's graphic school under Aksel Jørgensen; after graduation, Winslow stayedd in Copenhagen until the late 1940s as a employee of the Academy's hospital so that he could attend additional classes. Throughout his period in Copenhagen, Winslow was the recipient of numerous scholarships which allowed him to travel throughout Europe include Germany, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Greece and Turkey. Throughout his career Winslow deeply admired the work of Edvard Munch and also found sources of inspiration in Renoir, Sisley and Degas.


In Spring 1939 Winslow first showed at Charlottenborg and he continued to exhibit widely and with success including almost annually at Charlottenbourg until 1976 and throughout Denmark such as in Viborg, Aarhus and St. Nikolaj Church in Copenhagen (now the Contemporary Art Center). Internationally, Winslow's fine and graphic art received recognition in Prague, New York, Stockholm, Helsinki and Tokyo. His work can be found in the permanent collections of Danish museums such as Skovgaard and Vejlemuseerne.



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